Clem Perry

People have always been the subject that I’ve most enjoyed photographing. After cutting my teeth on my dad’s Pentax ME Super in my teens, I managed to persuade him to lend it to me for my first round the world trip, most of which I spent taking portraits in remote villages.
From there, I went on to work on assignment for various press agencies, pursued a number of personal photo-journalism projects (mainly exploring issues of identity) and then, a few years ago, photographed my first wedding when a friend asked me to stand in for a photographer who’d let them down at the last minute.
When I subsequently sat down with them to show them the photos and witnessed their immense joy at reliving the day, I realised that I’d stumbled upon an incredibly rewarding side of photography that I hadn’t previously considered.
Since then, I’ve become ever more passionate about capturing with feeling, intimacy and discretion, what for many people will be the most significant day of their lives. My approach to this is relaxed, informal and unobtrusive – but diligent.
I will, of course, document all the key ‘staged’ moments - the walk down the isle, the vows, the speeches etc.  But I tend to place equal emphasis on those many unstaged moments – all the ‘bits in-between’ which can easily be overlooked, but which collectively I think add so much texture, personality and uniqueness to the record of your special day.  
Ultimately, my goal is to comprehensively capture all of the joy, the emotion, the laughter, the nerves and the embarrassing dancing, giving you a truly beautiful record that enables you to savour and relive the many precious moments for years to come.
If that sounds like the kind of thing you’re after, please take a further look through some of my recent work and if you like what you see, get in touch for a chat.
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